Future of banking in your pocket

Welcome to ¥€$Money technology where the crypto and FIAT worlds finally merge into one.

coming in Q1 2023
Personal banking with privacy


Everything you ever needed. ¥€$Money brings you the account for everyday use in the modern world. Online payments, cryptocurrency transactions or your morning coffee. 

Invest, earn, spend.

Many currencies. Fiat and crypto

Finally. Simplified.

Single platform for storing up to 60 currencies and seamless exchange to cryptocurrencies. We bring you the junction you were waiting for.

Top-up your account with standard methods like wire transfer, debit or credit card, Apple Pay or Google pay. Or, use Paysafe card for cash transfer.

Freedom with payments

Plastic and virtual.

MasterCard or VISA debit cards linked to your personal accounts.

One more thing

Join community of investors

We’ve decided to connect like-minded crypto people in a single community. We have a long-term strategy to serve our NFT holders and community with best possible investment opportunities.

Bridging the real-world values with WEB3 business.

Your lifetime chance to become a part of a FinTech payment institution.
Make real profits with revenue share.